Mobile Monday Athens - mHealth

Wed, 25 Apr 2012 18:00 - 22:00

Idryma Eugenidou

Pentelis 11, Palaio Faliro

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The next MoMo Athens event on the 25th of April is themed around Mobile Health (yes, it's Wednesday and not Monday). 


David Doherty - "3G Doctor"

Sophia Salenius -  RegPoint  

Nikos Papachristou - eHealthgr

Dimitris Hagigeorgiou - SAP

As in the previous event, we’ll be hosting an app competition – the twist is that we’re looking for mHealth apps. We feel that this is an underdeveloped sector that will play a critical role in the mobile industry in the years to come – and we’re interested in introducing this sector to the Greek audience.

So – if you’re interested in participating in the competition, start working on an idea. We’ve created a page with all sorts of resources on the topic ( that should help you come up with some great ideas on Mobile Health and how to make a meaningful contribution to the field.
Competition entry form will be open between 9/4 - 15/4/2012 (strict).






Idryma Eugenidou

Idryma Eugenidou
Pentelis 11, Palaio Faliro
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